Lawyers aren’t trained how
to sell legal services at
law school.

Lawyers often think of business development as going to networking events and taking contacts to lunch.

The world has changed – lawyers have to think differently and be more proactive if they want to win new work.

The Legal Balance BD Breakthrough Blueprint© gives lawyers all the tools they need to develop the skills and confidence to go out into the marketplace and become a true superstar.

The Legal Balance BD Breakthrough Blueprint©

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Most training courses only scratch the surface of what a lawyer needs to become a rainmaker.

We delve into mindset; get practical with tips and techniques on how best to understand your prospects and clients to provide them with the legal services they need; understand why CRM is the key to building an effective pipeline and winning more clients; build your networking and presentation skills; and learn how to improve your pitching process.

Most importantly, lawyers learn how to win new clients without ever having to ‘sell’ what they do.

This course puts the focus on the needs and goals of clients and prospects and gives you the power to really become a trusted advisor. To be the go-to person. And to be the advisor they can’t do without.

Learn more about how your lawyers can become rainmakers.

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