The Dawning of a New Era: Generative AI and the Evolution of the Legal Business Model

The legal profession has been debating the end of the billable hour for years. Yet, despite all the talk and prophecies, the billable hour remains the predominant business model of law firms around the world.

The Wolf of Wall Street – Building Castles on Sand

Not only a film of immense pacing and quality dialogue, but a perfect example of how seemingly small lies end up engulfing lives and businesses.

Ford Vs Ferrari – The art of persuasion

There’s an incredible scene in the film that looks at the power of persuasion. If you can find the key that unlocks a client’s motivation, it’s a powerful thing.

What’s the Invisible Man of Business Development?

What’s the Invisible Man of business development? Well, that’s mindset: the perception we have about our abilities and qualities, such as intelligence and creativity. That thing we can’t see, but has so much control over our outlook. 

Jaws: You’re gonna need a bigger pipeline

Recently I was watching Jaws, my all time favourite film, (I watch it, on average, once a month), when it suddenly hit me: BD to fee earners is the shark to the mayor of Amity Island!

Moneyball & Taking Action to Make Change

Moneyball tells the true story of Billy Beane, the general manager of baseball team Oakland Athletics, played brilliantly by Brad Pitt, and his decision to challenge the traditional system and reinvent his team by outsmarting the richer teams.

Fatal Attraction and Being Ghosted by Prospects

Fatal Attraction is a brilliant psychological thriller with an unforgettable performance by Glenn Close. A story of infidelity and revenge. What’s great is how the tension and unease is built up over the course of the film, which is both gripping and hard to watch.