A consultancy born out of solid business development experience.

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We created Legal Balance business development consultancy in response to a growing need for offshore firms to have an onshore presence in the UK and for UK teams to have an experienced business development lead on a temporary or permanent basis. Our team has expanded to include expertise in many industries and all aspects of  business development, leaving you to grow your legal business.

Business Development Consultancy

How do you drive new business and win new clients?

How do you take great marketing initiatives and capitalise on them?

And where do you start?

First, you have to understand that business development isn’t the same as marketing.

A wise woman once said:

“Marketing is drawing a horse to water;
Business Development is making it drink”

If you’re not yet committed to hiring a full-time business development manager, perhaps you want to outsource a legal business development consultant to get you started and help you build and execute your business development strategy.

Perfectly balanced

We become a seamless part of your business leaving you that valuable time to look after your clients as well as offer training for your lawyers to become the next rainmakers of your firm.

We deliver on a national and international scale and can act on your behalf no matter where in the country – or indeed, world – you are. We are set up to work remotely or on-site.

Services offered by
Legal Balance

  • Build and implement a business development strategy specific to your offering;
  • Lead generation – helping you target, contact and qualify new leads for you to win new clients;
  • Client account management – your best sources of new work come from your existing clients; we help you manage your client base and build stronger relationships;
  • Training and coaching – empowering your lawyers to become rainmakers;
  • CRM build and implementation – we help you choose the right provider for your needs and then work across your business to build engagement and use of the system.

We tailor our services to your needs.

So get in touch – you’re one step away from taking a huge step in the evolution of your business.